The day when the stars stood                           still gazing at her.                                               She was wandering like a                                 forever wandering bird.

Everything seemed perfect.                              After so long ,she felt free.                               Her happiness was at its peak.                         It was a major permutation                              for her.

As she escaped from the                                    clutches of slavery.                                            Her eyes were filled with                                  joy and glee.

She was free from the                                        war waging inside her mind.                          Her suffering has ended,                                  she was alive once again.

Author: Aditi tyagi

Hi!This is Aditi,born and brought up in india.I am 18 and love to write and sing.currently doing my BBA from banasthali,jaipur.learning still and Also love to spread smiles.I have seen a lot in my life ups and downs,highs and lows ,I know we all have .so here is me trying to express myself along with the actual goal of serving you people by providing content and quality along with my writings.

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