Meaning of life

So what is the meaning of life for you?well for me its about finding your purpose i.e. why god has sent you on this earth in the first place?when we grow up we are definitely not the same person as we were before.It happens because when we face different phases of life we became more aware of or careful about our words and actions.

Childhood is the time of dreaming and believing that everything exists,its our own little heaven on earth but when we grow we became more realistic and practical.we often get depressed due to certain things and think that life has no meaning its worthless but if thats true than why are we living?why we are the way we are?

No doubt god has plans for all of us.when bad things happen to good people they feel that why it has happened to me?but if they realize that maybe its the part of the process and will make me a better person or maybe this little bad has saved me from worse than is the time they start living a meaningful life.

6 thoughts on “Meaning of life

  1. Hi Aditi. Profound thoughts for such a young soul! You’ve asked the toughest question of all. For me itยดs about realising that the only true reality is this very moment – all else is a false interpretation of life created from our egos, while the trials and tribulations of life are there to remind us of this. I’m not sure if we all have a purpose in life, but if the search for that purpose creates anxiety then it is self-destructive. You write beautifully so thanks again for the thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thanks brent for your beautiful answer and yes this is true that we are not completely perfect and we often misinterpret things due to our self understanding of what is right and what is wrong .sometimes what we think is right is not rig ht according to the other person.The point is to find happiness and peace by living in the moment.If we live in the past we are depressed and If we worry about the future we are anxious ,we can only find peace in present.๐Ÿ˜Š


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