Where do you foresee yourself?

”Where do you foresee yourself 10 years from now”? – when professor asked this question from our class most of us were blank.

I remember my friend sitting next to me saying,she had no plans at all. I mean she did not even knew whether she wanted to do post graduation or not and I was like ”Its ok!”.

When professor saw the reaction of the class,she decided to tell her own story.she told us that she always wanted to teach girls but never dreamt of joining banasthali or actually pursuing it.

Few months back,she was doing some research work in jaipur.when her mentor (she didn’t mention the name) asked her to apply for universities nearby. 

Just to try. She said -”ok” and she did so and got selected. On july 2017 she joined banasthali university and now she is doing what she wanted.

That day she made one thing clear that ”life is unexpected” i.e.anything could happen.I mean few months back she was doing surveys and all and now she is here with us.

she also asked us to get one thing cemented in our mind that ”we may plan in our heart about the future but our steps are always determined by the lord.”

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