Goodbye kiss

Not in my wildest dreams ;
I  could’ve imagined,
‘How entrancing one could be?’
You speak to my soul and set me free.

Remembering you is like an endless vow.
I can’t get enough of you anyhow.
Your presence is what I crave the most;
My heart never felt this lost.

Being with you is ‘what I want’;
But not being there is ‘what I chose.’
Why?Don’t ask me this
Cause you know what the answer is.

Trust me when I say:
”I miss you everyday.”
But this time it’s not enough
to make you stay.

I have to let you go.
For you deserve to be happy and know
That I am not like them.
I am rooted to an aching stem.

Forgeting you is the most arduous thing;
But to see you in pain is like dying.
You were my strength,
my perfect happiness.
But my words are not enough to save this;
Atlast all I can give you is a goodbye kiss.

11 thoughts on “Goodbye kiss

  1. Beautifully written with elegance.
    When we love truly we have to let go when the situation demands even when the tearing from the relationship causes atrocious pain.
    To love is human
    To let go is divine.
    Thank you for the follow. Have a great weekend. 💖.

    Liked by 2 people

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