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Hello everyone!

Hope you all are having a great day…..so here I am doing this post again😅 as many of my fellow blogger friends mentioned that the links weren’t working.I hope this second one will prove to be effective one😶.
I would like to thank Shruti Ohri for nominating me for this tag. She is an incredible writer. Her posts are very lively and enthusiastic. You should totally check out her blog Just Scribbled Thoughts. And cheers to the creator of this tag Meher Gandhi. She is an amazing writer so, do visit her blog too for some beauteous writings. Now, let’s begin: 


  • Mention a link to the creator’s blog-Meher Gandhi
  • Talk about your writing journey! Gove your readers an overview of how you acquired an inclination towards writing. Also, tell them about how/why you decided to join WordPress!
  • Describe your experience with WordPress so far. Tell us about any five things you like about WordPress and a few things you do not like about WordPress(if any)!
  • Nominate six other bloggers for this tag, providing a link to their sites and letting them know about it. Now, let’s begin: 

 1. My writing  journey:-

Well !I have always loved writing .I remember when I was in 4th standard, me and my friend wrote a poetry(my first one)and we were so excited to recite it in the class that we just went to our class teacher and asked her for the same .She said ok!why not…and I spoke out loud in front of my entire class .After listening she said you wrote this?!! And I was like yes! She got really impressed by us that day.I mean her reaction was fascinating.After that I used write in my dairy .I sort of fell in love with how I can use my imagination as a tool for my writings.The idea of starting a blog came to my mind from a friend who is a blogger since her school days.So this is how I started blogging.

2 . Why I decided to join wordpress:-

As I said earlier that a friend of mine is a blogger since her school days.She told me about wordpress and sort of motivated me to join.I felt really excited to hear about it.So that’s when I decided to join wordpress. Although I was nervous like hell but I somehow managed to overcome my anxiety and then it just began.
3. My experience with wordpress so far:-

My experience with wordpress was just astonishing. I mean I always wanted to share my writings with other people (with same interest).wordpress gave me this wonderful opportunity to share my love for writing with all you lovely bloggers. I have found some people who are so supportive and humble that it warms my heart.❤

4.  Five things I love about wordpress:-

1.Amazing features
2.No age barriers
3.Encouragement and support I get from other bloggers.
4.Wonderful themes
5.And the community pool…❤

5. Things I dislike about wordpress:-

Their is nothing to dislike about it.
I totally like it in all ways…😊

6. My nominees:-

Shruti Ohri


Himanshi Shukla

Harshit Dangwal

Gaurav Lokhande

Ajay Vyas 
Thanks for reading…❤

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