Heaven sent (Part 1) – Collaboration


Looking back to the day when I was struggling/trying hard to convince my parents to send me to the school in which my best friend was studying since her childhood.” No! It’s too far.” Shouted my mom. I don’t know why she always try to keep me in front of her eyes. Like someone’s going to kidnap me or something.
My father like always agrees to whatever my mother says. After long discussions and tons of arguments, I was finally allowed to go to the same school where my best friend ‘Ridhima’ was and the best part was that I got rid of the ICSE board and was about to complete the rest of my schooling from CBSE. 

 Like every child’s first day at school, I was being introduced by my best friend to all my new classmates. Everyone seemed to be really excited seeing me but there was this one girl who said I resembled someone named ‘Mayra’.

 Being completely unaware of who Mayra was, I asked Ridhima to tell me something about her. But, every time I tried to ask her about Mayra, she used to change the topic and that made me more curious about her. 

One fine evening we went to the park to get some fresh air. Ridhima was in a really good mood that day. So, I thought now is the time to ask her about Mayra.  “Who is ‘Mayra’ Ridhi?”– I asked, she stared at me for a while and then finally decided to tell me. 

“She was our senior! Pretty, Christian girl with aesthetic eyes. She was everyones crush in school, I never talked to her because I thought she was arrogant but deep down I knew she was kind hearted. 

Her father left her mother, they had a divorce. As her mother found it very difficult to raise her children, she added poison in the meal of her son, daughter and herself and they all died that day.” She said.

I was in a shock for a while and was recovering when she added, ” She had a boyfriend named ‘Rehan’ he was in her class but different sections. Rehan was this cool, tall, fair guy with blue eyes which every girl dreamt to be with. They were in school choir, he used to play guitar and was very passionate about it. His passion also included playing football and he was the captain of our school’s football team. 

They were in love and were together since 8th standard. But, from the day when he got to know about her passing away, he completely transformed into a guy that had concern with no one. He’s always lost in his own world and doesn’t find anyone worth talking to. He’s  arrogant and rude to another level is the reason no one likes him anymore.” 

After this conversation, we went back to our homes but I was really intrigued to know about who Rehan was! 

The next day, after the bell for the lunch rang, we left our class to go to the ground. While I was just  passing through the corridor I saw a guy playing guitar in the music room.

To be continued…

P.S. This post is written by me in collaboration with Parul Rao. She is a wonderful writer and a truly amazing blogger. Do check out her posts! They are worth seeing. You can visit her blog here

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