Heaven sent (Final Part) – Collaboration


As days went by, from strangers we shifted to being good friends. I knew I was the only one whom he talks with. Our everyday chit chat got us a whole lot closer then we could’ve ever thought. He became my life. He knew everything about me and I knew all the incidences that could’ve ever existed in his life. Our music sessions that we attended together made our bond even more stronger. He was the guitarist, and we both used to sing together. Our music made people fall in love with us and gradually we two were a band. Everything was going good, we clicked well. But to my surprise this happiness wasn’t to be sustained for too long. 

It was the end of the year and the end of Rehans college. Being one year younger to him I had to be here for 1 more year because of which I was completely shattered. Everyone thought that Rehan being the charming guy he was would attract any girl in the town and would eventually forget me. I had absolutely no clue where he was. Suddenly, he was gone. No one knew where he was staying. I didn’t even knew whether he was here or in some other country. I did all that I could do to find him but couldn’t manage to find him anywhere. I lost all hopes to get him back in my life and as everyone around me pressurised me to lead a new life, I decided to go with the flow.

5 years later,

I was at the peak of my carrier. I was the owner of a music company and I too released a few albums of my own. Now, was the right time according to my father to see me getting married to a gentleman, made for me in heaven. I wasn’t really ready for the same but agreed to my father’s suggestion of me getting married. It was not even a month since my father’s search for an ideal groom began, that people started visiting our house. It was quite annoying for real but I couldn’t do anything about it. Then finally my father selected a guy, and came to me giving all his details. His name was Mayank. And the way my father described him, I too found him to be a decent guy. So, I agreed to meet him as per my Paa’s wishes. 

Our first meeting went well, we had a normal conversation getting basic details about each other. He seemed quite to be quite similar as per my father’s description of him. We both were ambitious and pretty serious about our careers. Though he was charming and confident, one thing that I found hard to ignore was that he showed respect and agreed to my decision of continuing my work and follow by ambitions even after marriage. After a few meetings our marriage was fixed in December.

We didn’t realize how these couple of months went and finally came the big day of my life when I was supposed to get married. All these years after college I couldn’t get Rehan out of my head as he was for me as soul is to body. But, I started to live with the fact that it was past and everyone that comes to your life is a part of your life’s journey and a very few turn out to be those permanents in your life. Also, I told myself that we weren’t meant to be together. Then suddenly on my wedding day I got a call from a random number. As I picked it up, I heard my name,“Vrushika…”.

I freezed for a while as it was Rehan’s voice, I very well knew. I asked him, “Where are you?”There were hundreds of thoughts going on in my head. My voice started shivering. I asked the same question again. He then told me to look outside the window. I saw him standing outside my house with red eyes. I went downstairs running to hug him. We both started crying as it was long time since we have last met. Then my father came outside and with a shocked state he asked, “What is going on?”. I told him everything and that how much I loved him. He got angry but I somehow managed to convince him to stop the wedding. In a matter of few minutes I saw Rehan as he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him with a beautiful ring along with the proposal. Very obvious, I had to say “Yes!” To the love of my life. It was ironic how he came on the same day as my wedding.

Truely as my paa believed couples are made in heaven.

And on the same day in the presence of music, poetry, prayers of the religious texts we both exchanged our marriage vows.

Thank you so much for going through our work. Your gesture is much appreciated!


The writers.

P.S. This post is written by me in collaboration with Parul Rao. She is a wonderful writer and a truly amazing blogger. Do check out her posts! They are worth seeing. You can visit her blog here

8 thoughts on “Heaven sent (Final Part) – Collaboration

  1. AWW, ohmygod you guys!
    I lovedd this! I can’t believe I’m reading this so late, but it’s amazingg!
    Fabulous work!
    Beautifully written, and honestly, I could legit feel tears pricking my eyes by the end of it. Loved this!❤

    Liked by 1 person

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