Let’s talk about depression!

I have been emotionally abused for many years. Every time I tried to say something either I was unheard or rejected. I lived in fear for so many years. And yes I’ve experienced all the symptoms of depression like loss of appetite, crying for no reason, guilt, loss of interest. I’ve had setbacks and hard times. And I always hated being judged for being quite because my silence was wrong. Most of the time, I’ve seemed to get so lost I barely paid any attention to anybody around me. I’ve been tolerant to lot of things which I knew were wrong but I was taught to bear with it. So, I was in conflict with my own virtues and what was imposed. And the funny thing is, it was always all okay, and no body seemed to care about mental health. Then I grew up, and realized how all these years I was feeding myself with all the wrong thoughts about me.I was actually loved for who I am, and some people who are now closest to me saw pain through my smiling face. It was a turning point for me. I still speak less but always speak up when something is wrong. Because I no more have the tolerance for what is wrong. Because I know who I am. I have learned to cherish myself with all that I have and I am no longer bothered by people’s opinion. Our society have certain rules which must be followed else you will be rejected and you’re bad. But that is not true it’s not your fault if you are not nurtured in right environment. It’s not your fault what heart crushing things you have tolerated. There is always hope. God is real. All these years faith have been the only thing that has kept me going. And I am where I am because of him.

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