Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello everyone!💛 Hope you all are having a great day! I have been nominated for the sunshine blogger award by a wonderful fellow blogger kranti. She is a sweetheart and I would like to thank her for appreciating my work and considering me worthy of this awesome award. She has an awe-inspiring blog filled with inspiration [...]

Gratitude #2

Hello everyone!❤️ I am running short of words right now  to express how happy and thankful I am!😍 My blog has just reached 500+ followers and I am flattered really. I would like to thank everyone, who read my posts and support my work, you guys keep me going.😄 Also I wasn't quite active since [...]

Review: Digithanks

Hello everyone!❤️ Hope you all are having a great day. So in this post I'll be reviewing this blog called digithanks . It's a great project about GRATITUDE.  Digithanks is the most diverse gratitude project till date that acts as a binding force for people belonging to different countries. It involves more than 40 countries [...]