For Murphy…

Dear purest soul, 15 September 2012 you have entered this house and I've been in love with you since.You have filled this bare space with absolute love. You stayed as a souvenir of pure joy. No doubt you have made this place yours by simply bestowing innocent affection. I miss playing with you, I miss [...]

Lessons from professional world around you!

To excel in our professional career is something we all crave for. We start our schooling with the mindset of joining an esteemed university and finally landing with our dream job. There are multiple professions nowadays in which people enter and set an example. From Albert Einstein to JRD Tata the list goes on. We [...]


I was heading home, walking down the street. When the tiny droplets went down my cheek. I got worried about my clothes and rushed only to seek. An angelic face, as pure as snow, jumping through the creek. My mind insisted me to leave. But my heart denied a request so bleak. I glanced at [...]

I Think

I think about  how my heartbeat  starts racing every time  I look at  you. I think about  your voice which leaves me  spellbound every time  I hear from you. I think about  how I want you to see  the me inside  while I strive  to hide my  ugliness from you. I think about  your scent [...]