Review: Digithanks

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Hope you all are having a great day. So in this post I’ll be reviewing this blog called digithanks . It’s a great project about GRATITUDE

Digithanks is the most diverse gratitude project till date that acts as a binding force for people belonging to different countries. It involves more than 40 countries on it’s online gratitude project.

They share mesmerizing stories from all around the world. With people showing gratitude for their Loved ones. This is a great initiative taken towards a world which is more united and filled with love.

This year I learned that gratitude is everything. 

So many people walk around on this Earth only thinking of the things they don’t have or the negatives of their days. What about focusing on the positive? Here are some people who spilled their hearts out with words of gratitude from different countries:


It creates a way happier Outlook on life. I’m thankful for my family and friends. Grateful to live in a gorgeous place, have a space I call home, and a support system. Taking time to express gratitude is so important for your well-being and happiness. 
For more visit her blog i.e.digithanks. you can also visit her Instagram page here to see some amazing stories of people with different cultures and backgrounds united with the language of love and gratitude.

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Believe in yourself


We all have our own dreams, goals, aspirations, families and close friends. we all want same fundamental things in life.
There are those you can trust and share what all you have in your mind, of course, but to keep yourself happy and at ease is to know that each and every person has his or her own agenda.
you cannot expect them to put you before themselves. Trying to do so it may work for a period of time but eventually truth will rise to the surface.
At the end all you have is you 😊.Yes! My dear know sometimes our biggest critic is our own inner self. We never feel good enough about ourselves.

We get easily affected by what others say about us and many of us even feel that it’s right. Reason behind it is our lower self-esteem. We don’t look at ourselves the way we should. We don’t realise our worth. And that’s where we are wrong. If you don’t believe in you than it’s hard for you to grow to your full potential.
Here are a few tips for those who think they are not good enough-

1. Surround yourself with people you love and who love you back.

images (13).jpg

2. Be honest with yourself first.


3. Recall your achievements.

images (15).jpg

4. Stay away from negative people.

images (17).jpg

5. Don’t pretend to be someone else for being accepted by others “Be you”.


6. Be happy with what you have and work hard for what you want but not at the cost of sacrificing your happiness.

images (18).jpg

7. Give yourself enough time to understand “what you want in your life!’’

images (16).jpg

I know many of us still haven’t found the answer to this question yet 😁. No worries, my point is spend some time with yourself. It feels good! Trust me.☺️ The biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people is belief.

 “Dedicate yourself to something you believe in.”

We all make mistakes, we all learn and that is life.Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws. The moment we accept those flaws and ourself, is the moment we become unstoppable.

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Liebster Award!

Hey everyone!! How are you? Hope you all must be great🙂. I am very excited to tell you that my blog has been nominated for the wonderful “ Liebster Award ” by my dear friend Parul Rao❤️She is an amazing blogger and new to the WordPress family. You must totally check out her blog here, her posts are worth seeing.👍


Going further, let’s quickly go through the rules that are a must to follow: 

  1. Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you. 
  2.  Provide a link to their blog.
  3.  Include award graphic.
  4.  Answer the questions provided.
  5.  Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  6. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award.

So, here are some questions from my side for the nominees:-

  1. Who is your ‘Role Model’?
  2. What’s your favourite genre of book or movie?
  3. What’s your favourite song?
  4. What’s the best thing about you?
  5. Where do you get your ideas?
  6. Best friend or love?
  7. What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read?
  8. What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
  9. What was the best compliment you have received?
  10. Who inspires you to be better?

Coming back to the questions parul asked me.

  • Who is your role model?
  • My dad is my role model. He is the best person on Earth for me. He always believe in me no matter what. He always try to motivate me for being a better version of myself. Whatever I needed even if it was on the other side of the world my dad would go and get it.😊He is everything a role model should be funny, humble, kind-hearted and smart.I love him with all my heart.❤️
  • What is your favorite song?
  • “Depends on my mood”.😀
  • What is your favorite movie?
  • I usually watch English movies and my        favourite movie is ‘A walk to remember’. It is a kind of movie that remain inside  you    for ever. It is a heart touching movie and a must to watch for every ‘Nicholas Sparks ’ fan.😄
  • What is the weirdest dream you have ever had? 
  • My most weirdest dream was one in which my mother came to pick me up from school on my father’s bike.😂😂
  • How was your day today?
  • “pretty good”.🙂
  • What are the qualities that attract you the most in any person?
  • I like people who are honest and who         respect others. And I adore people with good sense of humor.😁
  • Best friend or love?
  • I love my best friend❤️. She is perfect.The     kind of bond we share is very special. I can tell her everything without any second   thoughts. She is always there for me when ever I needed her. I don’t know what will I          do without her.🙄
  • A person other than your family who came into your life and transformed it in a good way?
  • My best friend!❤️She truly did            transformed my life  in a good way. She is    one of the best person I have ever met in my life.
  • Your new year resolution?
  • Nothing, I feel everyday is a new day.😊
  • The person you can call at midnight and will pick up your phone?
  • My best friend! 😂❤️

    Now I am further nominating 10 other bloggers for this award:-

    1. Shruti Ohri
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    5. Aditi
    6. Sweta Ojha
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    10. randomstranger

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    Socially Awkward Moments

    Each of us encounters some moments which are uncalled for. In spite of that, they still happen and one finds oneself standing there clueless. One wants it to get over as soon as possible and once it is over, one prays God that it might never happen again. Despite these factors, these moments do bring a lot of laughter in their aftermath. I have to admit that these socially awkward moments break the monotony of the daily life. There is always something interesting to recall for and laugh till your stomach hurts. 🙂

    • When a stranger stares at you and you have no idea what to do: So, this is the most common thing that most of us must have experienced. Out of nowhere, when someone starts staring at you, it makes you highly uncomfortable. It goes without saying that ‘no one is allowed to stare’; a fact that even that stranger knows. It is the exact reason why he/she withdraws his/her sight as soon as you start retaliating by staring back.
    • When you try to make someone laugh but all in vain: The reason why the other person does not laugh at all can be that he/she may be a person of different taste of humor or he/she may be boring downright with anti- sense of humor (laughs 🙂 ). Or it may be possible that the joke you cracked was very lame and now you deserve a punch or two, and you should be grateful that the person just spared you by ignoring the you, your joke as well as your scope of punches!
    • When you try to impress your crush and end up doing something really very stupid: Whether it is your first love or not, you really get bent upon impressing your crush. You try to do new things like changing your hairstyle, dressing up a little differently, trying to act extra-smart or extra-funny, pretending that you don’t get angry that easily, pretending that you’re too sane, etc. The list goes on and on… But, the situation becomes annoying when you come to know that your crush likes the exact opposite of what you were trying to portray or if he/she doesn’t notice it at all!
    • When you’re being praised: It isn’t often that someone praises you, and when someone does, you stand there like a fool, blushing and not knowing how to react. Many of you go to the extent of denying the praise.
    • When your siblings/cousins/friends insult you purposefully in front of your crush: This is gotta be one of the most irritating encounters! In 99% cases, you stand there denying the case and it becomes more awkward and intolerable if your crush is standing there smiling and staring at you. What are you suppose to do? Run? Yell? Thrash? hahaha 🙂
    • When you have to deliver a speech and you get nervous: Stage fright is one inborn machine defects in humans. It is not seen (rarely) in those who have practiced a lot. When the stare of a single person can make you so uncomfortable, then why the hell won’t you be nervous when there are hundreds, thousands of people staring! God forbid if you forget what you were supposed to say, which you’re most likely to forget. Well, there can be solutions too, like avoiding direct eye contact, practicing and pretending that you know better than the audience!
    • When you find out that the person you were waving at wasn’t waving at you:This is hilarious because it leaves you with no alternatives but to dote upon the amount of embarrassment you gathered from this experience.
    • When your friend introduces you to some stranger and suddenly takes his/her leave: Okay, so this is done by non-real friend because a real one is glued to you for life! It becomes very uneasy to initiate a conversation with a stranger if both of you are not extroverts. After an unfamiliar weather-talk, you’ll either take your leave for washroom or will try to find your ‘so-called’ friend in order to bang his/her head.
    • When you see your best friend after a long time, too with another person: This case is a tight slap to your importance and your autonomy over your best-friend. You just don’t know how to handle it. It becomes all the more worse if your friend is unaware of this because such things can’t even be explained. All your heart desires is punching the third party right in his/her face, and slapping and then hugging your best-friend. Easier said than done, though! Similar situation is seen in case of your boyfriend/girlfriend.
    • When you have to give away your toys to a nasty kid: People with a starched collar won’t accept this, but yes, this is one issue which haunts many of us. No matter what you become and what your age is, you simply cannot tolerate parting with your old toys, with whom you don’t even play anymore. But no, your parents put forth this argument in front of the parents of that kid, without even having felt the need to ask you once. And you, as usual, don’t have much of a choice.
    • When you have to refuse to the money that guests give you while leaving: Well, who doesn’t like money, too when you can get it effortlessly. In India, guests (relatives) give you money while leaving. In hearts of hearts, you’re planning what to do with that money, but you have to refuse copiously, out of courtesy and considering the stare of your parents. What a waste of energy!


    Post Scriptum: This post is compiled by me in collaboration with Himanshi Shukla. Such an awesome blogger she is. Follow her blog to know her perspective and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, for the sweetheart that she is!


    screenshot_20180106-150430__01141921024.jpgHello everyone!!

    I can’t believe my blog has just reached 200 follows!!😍 I want to Thank you all wonderful people for your support and encouragement you keep me going lots of love❤️❤️. Really, I can’t believe it!😅 I remember how anxious I was when I started this blog. It has helped me learn a lot of things. Most of all I get to know some really great people who have their own awesome blogs.Blogging have always been something really special for me and with all of you people who read my post and like them, It has become even more interesting.Again a big Thank you from my side.Keep reading! Keep supporting! Love you all❤️images (1).jpg