Musing #3


Where do you foresee yourself?

”Where do you foresee yourself 10 years from now”? – when professor asked this question from our class most of us were blank.

I remember my friend sitting next to me saying,she had no plans at all. I mean she did not even knew whether she wanted to do post graduation or not and I was like ”Its ok!”.

When professor saw the reaction of the class,she decided to tell her own story.she told us that she always wanted to teach girls but never dreamt of joining banasthali or actually pursuing it.

Few months back,she was doing some research work in jaipur.when her mentor (she didn’t mention the name) asked her to apply for universities nearby. 

Just to try. She said -”ok” and she did so and got selected. On july 2017 she joined banasthali university and now she is doing what she wanted.

That day she made one thing clear that ”life is unexpected” i.e.anything could happen.I mean few months back she was doing surveys and all and now she is here with us.

she also asked us to get one thing cemented in our mind that ”we may plan in our heart about the future but our steps are always determined by the lord.”

The Missile Man

”A dream is not which you see while you are asleep,it is something that does not let you sleep”said by the man who marked history in 1980 by launching India’s first SLV(satellite launch vehicle) in space.

He headed the entire program from developing the ballistic missile to its operation.Thus,came to be known as the ”Missile Man of India”.

Five years ago if we go back in time ,we’ll find this child of a fisherman,who was youngest among his 5 siblings selling newspaper to help his father to earn money.

He had no tv,only few books & was an average student at school.Never in his wildest dreams he could have thought of being the ”president of India”.His journey began from rameswaram to rashtrapati bhawan. 

So what were the reasons behind his success?The answer is His:-

  • Hardwork
  • Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Humble nature
  • And simple lifestyle

He believed that a person need to face difficulties to enjoy success in of my favourite saying of him was”If you want to shine like a sun,you have to burn like a sun”.He lived a very simplistic life.He gaveaway all his money to a foundation named PURA(providing urban amenities to rural areas).what other example do we need of his nobility.His name was Dr.A.P.J Abdul kalam and he was an inspiration for the whole mankind.

Meaning of life

So what is the meaning of life for you?well for me its about finding your purpose i.e. why god has sent you on this earth in the first place?when we grow up we are definitely not the same person as we were before.It happens because when we face different phases of life we became more aware of or careful about our words and actions.

Childhood is the time of dreaming and believing that everything exists,its our own little heaven on earth but when we grow we became more realistic and practical.we often get depressed due to certain things and think that life has no meaning its worthless but if thats true than why are we living?why we are the way we are?

No doubt god has plans for all of us.when bad things happen to good people they feel that why it has happened to me?but if they realize that maybe its the part of the process and will make me a better person or maybe this little bad has saved me from worse than is the time they start living a meaningful life.


The day when the stars stood                           still gazing at her.                                               She was wandering like a                                 forever wandering bird.

Everything seemed perfect.                              After so long ,she felt free.                               Her happiness was at its peak.                         It was a major permutation                              for her.

As she escaped from the                                    clutches of slavery.                                            Her eyes were filled with                                  joy and glee.

She was free from the                                        war waging inside her mind.                          Her suffering has ended,                                  she was alive once again.