More power to you

Hey all! Past few days have been quite tough for Mankind. I hope most of you are following the instructions of the government who is putting in all the possible efforts to combat the Coronavirus disease. It's no joke people are dying across the globe.Stay home, stay safe guys. More power to each one of [...]

For Murphy…

Dear purest soul, 15 September 2012 you have entered this house and I've been in love with you since.You have filled this bare space with absolute love. You stayed as a souvenir of pure joy. No doubt you have made this place yours by simply bestowing innocent affection. I miss playing with you, I miss [...]


I was heading home, walking down the street. When the tiny droplets went down my cheek. I got worried about my clothes and rushed only to seek. An angelic face, as pure as snow, jumping through the creek. My mind insisted me to leave. But my heart denied a request so bleak. I glanced at [...]