Let Go

Scream within and calm outside. That's how people function these days. We keep on bottling up our emotions; Because we think no one will be interested in listening to our crap. Some of us are so hard to break, It's like they are gonna carry all these emotions with them to there grave. Until then [...]

I Think

I think about  how my heartbeat  starts racing every time  I look at  you. I think about  your voice which leaves me  spellbound every time  I hear from you. I think about  how I want you to see  the me inside  while I strive  to hide my  ugliness from you. I think about  your scent [...]

Gratitude #2

Hello everyone!❤️ I am running short of words right now  to express how happy and thankful I am!😍 My blog has just reached 500+ followers and I am flattered really. I would like to thank everyone, who read my posts and support my work, you guys keep me going.😄 Also I wasn't quite active since [...]

3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge – Day 3

Hello everyone!😊  I'd like to thank Anna for nominating me for this 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge. She is a talented blogger and writes wonderful reviews and poetry and much more. So do check out her posts!❤️ Rules:- Thank the person who nominated you. Post a quote for three consecutive days (a quote for each day). Nominate three [...]